"Defeat Your Inner Demon"

Mixed Media

70x55x80cm / 27.5x22x31.5"



"The idea behind Defeat your Inner Demon is for the viewer to understand that we as human are only limited by the constraints we impose on ourselves, not that much by the ones set by others. In other words, we are our own limits: believing we are not enough and thus not pursuing our destiny makes us our own ennemy. Very often people will tend to blame on external causes the reasons for their failures, or their life frustration. I personally tried to fit in a role that did not suit me out of fear (of not being good enough, of the struggles ahead, etc) before embracing my artistic undertaking. 

I did not force myself to reappropriate the theme of Saint Michael and the Demon to express this specific idea, the imagery somewhat imposed itself. Speaking of metaphors, I like to interpret the founding myths of society on different levels: here the angel Lucifer rebelled against God and lost his place in Heaven after being defeated by Saint Michael. I understand that at one point the personification of evil was part of the “good side,” but he was cast away because of his disobedience. As a metaphor I can understand that Evil is a part of Good, and vice versa. Which leads me to the internal battle everyone is fighting on a daily basis against their own selves: what we perceive as qualities in ourselves can be our major shortcomings, and what we consider as flaws can be our main assets. This is a never-ending battle where we cannot know which side has the upper hand."