"Love Me I'm Happy"

Marble, Acrylic Paint, Concrete, Inox

50 x 20 x 15 cm / 20 x 8 x 6"



This work is in line with my main body of work where I explore the human psyche and social conditions through the visual use of the human body. Here the viewer is first stricken by the beauty of the sculpture and of the depicted smooth female body. However upon deeper observation, one can see some proportions are wrong and even that the figure does not present the socially acclaimed hourglass figure but instead a pear shaped figure. This is my first point with this work: to denounce impossible physical expectations for women and to prove beauty can come from less acclaimed body shapes. One could think that representing a naked woman is reductive but here the figure is standing strong, directly affronting the viewer gaze unfearful and proud of herself. Additionally the very size of the work allows the viewer to think back to devotion objects from animism religions, giving the work a sense of spiritual strength.

I tried to incorporate a sense of continuity in my work. Here I pay homage to classical Greek sculpture and prove figuration can still up-to-date by including contemporary materials and reference to contemporary art movements. The neon lines painted across the figure’s body introduce geometrical abstraction for example. The viewer can see his reflect in the inox, thus forcing him to confront himself to both the sculpture but also to his own position when facing strong fierce woman.